About Us

The Guillemot is a warm embrace, a place to seek comfort, to eat, drink, catch up with friends, and relax.

The Armstrong family – namely Rachel, Ashley and Ricky – breathed new life into the once run-down pier area of Bangor, County Down, opening the original Guillemot Kitchen Cafe in 2014. The Guillemot Deli followed in 2018, and a new Guillemot Deli at Ballyhackamore will soon complete the trio.

Taking its name from the resident seabirds at Bangor’s Eisenhower Pier, The Guillemot has now become an iconic and much-loved part of this beautiful seaside town.

Our ethos is simple: to provide delicious food, great service and quality products to our customers, whilst being mindful of our environmental impact; to be a friendly face, to make great coffee, and to ensure The Guillemot is a destination you keep coming back to!

Meet the team

Will & Curtis
Chefs - Bangor Cafe
Charlie W
Waitress / Mrs Claus - Bangor Cafe
Barista / Cheeky Chappy - Bangor Cafe
Owner / Guillemot Guru
Owner / Banter Lord
Barista / Hospitality Hero - Bangor Deli
Deli Guru / Music Man - Bangor Deli
Master Cake Baker / Unicorn - Bangor Deli Baker
Scone Sorceress / Master Giggler - Bangor Deli Baker
Manager / Chatterbox - Belfast Deli
Barista / Jedi Master - Belfast Deli
Good Girl / Paw Patrol - Bangor

Never before have I worked with such an amazing team of people. I’ve been so fortunate that these beautiful, funny, kind folk, each with their own unique gift to bring to the Guillemot, have landed on our doorstep. They are creative, hard working and most of all united in making the Guillemot a special place. They are my Guillemot Family


The Guillemot Owner