Cheese Feasting Platters (8-20 People)


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Cheese Feasting Platters (please allow 3 days notice)

Our Cheese Feasting Platter is perfect for events, parties or corporate functions, filled with local and European produce arranged in large recyclable Hamper Boxes. We can arrange feast platters to be displayed in our recyclable hamper boxes or package all of your the produce ready for you to open, cut and display yourself at your event.

Cheese Feasting Platters are available in 4 sizes

  • Small Cheese Feasting Platter (2 recyclable boxes) 8+ persons £160
  • Medium Cheese Feasting Platter (3 recyclable boxes) 12+ persons £240
  • Large Cheese Feasting Platter (4 recyclable boxes) 16+ persons £320
  • XL Cheese Feasting Platter (5 recyclable boxes) 20+ persons £400

Our tried and tested formula for cheese choices allows us to pair the finest cheeses from artisan producers with delicious accompaniments to enhance flavours. Your Cheese Feasting Platter will contain a range of cheese, with the larger the order, the more diverse your cheese selection will become.

  • Soft Cheese
  • Semi-Soft Cheese
  • Hard Cheese
  • Blue Cheese
  • Goat’s Cheese

Cured Meats  Charcuterie sourced across the UK & Europe Crackers / Toasts / Wheat Rounds / Chutney / Relish / Jams / Butters Pickled Fruit & Veg / Olives / Nuts / Membrillo Don’t underestimate these Feasting Platters! They’re packed full of ingredients, a perfect centre piece to any event, sure to spark conversation for those mingling for the first time.

Construction: You have the choice; we can slice, dice and arrange your feasting boxes for display in their boxes (for free!) or we can leave our produce perfectly wrapped for anyone wanting to construct their own grazing table at their event/ function/ party.

If you would like us construct it at your event, please get in touch

Please allow up to 3 days for preparation. For any special requests or questions, please email

Delivery eligible for; 

  • BT1 – BT23
  • BT36 – BT38